Monday, 23 February 2015

More chaos on the beach!

Just before 2.00pm  today a squall came up the channel and suddenly the protective fence along the beach toppled like a pack of cards................


...and whilst Iwas standing here these two huge rocks suddenly fell forward with a sound of thunder.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Higher than usual spring tides.

I have read that....'An astronomical tide is the regular and predictable movement of water caused by the way that the earth, sun and moon move in relation to each other. Astronomical tides are to be notably high during 2014 and 2015 because we are reaching the peak of the 18.6 year tidal cycle. This peak sees the position of the aforementioned planetary bodies align such that they combine to create a greater than normal force over the oceans. This greater force means the tides will be higher than usual spring tides.'

This weekend we have experienced the highest high tide of the year but the wind and weather has been reasonably kind to us but despite further erosion (the sea has got to within  20 foot of some properties), we are still here!

This morning was cold and frosty and a few photos shows the present state of the beach.

Ever closer to Four Winds (it is still there Tim of Bedford...Leicester actually!!)

Note the 'caution sign' in place.

By high tide this afternoon the sun had gone and the clouds gave a very different 'feel' to the beach.

 Note the 'caution' sign now collapsed as the sea erodes the beach around the next groyne

Where will it all end?