Saturday, 9 March 2019

Beach latest....

It is sometime since my previous blog and I show below a series of photos taken during the week ending 9th March 2019 starting at the west end of the beach and walking eastwards towards the Yacht Club.
The retaining wall of the harbour entrance is breaking up with rust creating what appears likely to create problems in the near future!
Obvious movement which could lead to a major problem(in my opinion)

Major perforations!

Paper thin in places!

The marker post opposite on the Church Norton side is about to collapse
A closer view...I dont think it will be there much longer.

The old wooden breakwater is becoming more exposed on a daily basis
I've not seen the base of the breakwater in forty years until last week!
Erosion continues to take its toll ....

...and in places the beach crest is only  4 metres from the Little Lagoon

Looking seaward the Church Norton spit is growing again having retracted during the past year or so

..and old (war time) scaffold pipes are being exposed

This concrete marker post which was surrounded by the sea at high tides is now well clear of the tides (as it was originally!)

 The trackway from the old carpark has been reduced in length  but again is well clear of the high tide mark.

Moving towards the 'new' lagoon a 'proper' beach has been created to the south and the properties behind the new lagoon look as safe now as they have been for several years.

The new lagoon has become considerably narrower as the shingle has been pushed in during the recent spring tides

This is groyne 4 which was the subject of major concern  and where the majority of the rock  revetment work took place.    

 These rocks  were vital in protecting properties a few years ago but now?

Looking up at Four Winds 

From the far end of the new lagoon looking westwards

 Looking eastwards from the now almost buried Groyne 1....a real cause for concern now greatly diminished.

The yacht club appears still vulnerable but protected by shingle. 

 East Front Road properties have now greater problems but Arun d.c have had recent work taking place moving shingle to create a barrier towards the 'pipe' end/Aldwick 

A note pinned  to the wall near the Yacht Club beach entrance....

 I agree, as some early mornings are so peaceful that voices can be heard a quarter of a mile away!