Friday, 16 December 2016

Storm surge hits Pagham Beach

Apparently a surge was anticipated due to atmospheric activity in the Atlantic....and it comes following two weeks work by Arun District Council to replenish a long stretch of beach abutting properties along East and West Front Road and ironically I understand they are pulling out today!

There was very little wind this morning at 7.30am  and all appeared calm. However as the tide came in during the morning it was apparent that it was rising  somewhat quicker than usual. By noon it was over-topping the spit in places and by high tide much of the foreshore was awash. The sea was coming very close to the frontage of the yacht club and pouring into the street. No major damage was caused but a very high percentage of the two weeks re-shingling was negated.

 David, a local photographer, split seconds before being engulfed!
The memorial stone outside the Yacht Club....usually well clear of a high tide.

Just as well the work by ADC had been done....but what next?


At 4.00pm I took a wander along the beach towards the Little Lagoon and noted at least 15 foot of shingle had been washed away and these photos show just how far the tide had come up the trackway which only a few weeks ago had been shortened by the RSPB  following Storm Angus.

The scoured beach

The sea has never ever reached this spot before....certainly not in the last 31 years!

Monday, 5 December 2016

The shingle pushers are back!

Working early at low tide...before the sun was up.

...but it wasn't long before the sun emerged from behind a cloud on the horizon

Less than twelve hours later it was setting over the harbour...
Looking towards Sidlesham.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Sunrise on a cold, frosty morning.

Looking through the new entrance or the breach.


Beautiful but very cold!! Brrrrr!

A little later and a splendid Kingfisher on the revetment.....

In late afternoon a fox by the Little Lagoon...

Just look at those eyes1

...and finally, late sunshine on a Black Headed Gull just in front of the bungalows

An end to a perfect day!