Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Another stormy week.

The aftermath of the snowstorm in the States has reached the U.K. but it is less violent and, with no snow, we are just suffering the wind which is creating considerable wave action. The spit, off Pagham Beach is protecting some of what used to be the most vulnerable bungalows but as it continues to grow, the beach damage is moving eastwards.
A walk along the beach at low tide this morning indicates that East beach is now under threat with shingle rapidly disappearing.
Looking towards East beach with Pagham Yacht Club top left.
A newly exposed old breakwater in front of PYC.
The mess in front of the yacht club.
The memorial stone (centre) is almost on a tipping point.

...and a fishermans livelihood is in jeopardy his fishing boats 
...and lobster pots are sucked into the greedy sea.

What is the real answer to this menacing problem?

At high tide today...a major breach of the spit...
High tide

The spit ....wiped out 60 metres +

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

More beach news!!

A couple of days ago the Norton Spit was breached again and these photos show the extent of this on Monday

Today, however with a higher tide, there was hardly any over topping and the photo below shows the only time I was able to capture this at high tide...little wind and smooth sea...what a difference a couple of days make!

Todays view of the mini breach.

TV cameras were again on the beach this morning preparing for the Inside Out program to be featured on Monday January 18 at 7.30 on BBC South. A few shots below....


...and early afternoon The Save Pagham Beach Facebook stated that our local MP, Nick Gibb has received an apology from Natural England who have have withdrawn their objection to allow the managed breach of the Spit to go ahead.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Beach Visitors

Four wise men were looking at the old harbour entrance site this morning  including Parish Council and RSPB representatives.

At high tide TV cameraman was taking shots immediately in front of our property and later between groyne three and four...

Fine tuning

The sea continues to ravage the beach.
Another big Spring tide tomorrow.
...and later the BBC were out on the far end of the Spit...presumably preparing for the 'inside out' program being screened next Monday at 7.30 on BBC 1 on South Today.

Jon Cuthill 

Friday, 8 January 2016

Today, BBC TV were making a program for screening on Inside Out in the near future relating to the current situation on the beach. After visiting the site of serious erosion a meeting was held in the Yacht Club with Ray Radmall, Chair of Pagham Parish Council and the beach residents. It appears objections to the Planning Application to cut and block the Spit have been received from English Nature.
I'll say no more!!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Emergency work has started in reinstating the beach....again!

Excavators and dump trucks on site.

Here we go again....thankful to see action but a permanent solution must surely be found rather than continuing to squander good money on temporary fixes.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year Beach Dwellers!!

A couple of extra shots of yesterdays breach of the spit...

 ...and a few shots of the devastated area in front of Pagham Yacht Club taken this morning

Not a pretty sight....lets hope 2016 brings a happier set of pictures.