Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Another stormy week.

The aftermath of the snowstorm in the States has reached the U.K. but it is less violent and, with no snow, we are just suffering the wind which is creating considerable wave action. The spit, off Pagham Beach is protecting some of what used to be the most vulnerable bungalows but as it continues to grow, the beach damage is moving eastwards.
A walk along the beach at low tide this morning indicates that East beach is now under threat with shingle rapidly disappearing.
Looking towards East beach with Pagham Yacht Club top left.
A newly exposed old breakwater in front of PYC.
The mess in front of the yacht club.
The memorial stone (centre) is almost on a tipping point.

...and a fishermans livelihood is in jeopardy his fishing boats 
...and lobster pots are sucked into the greedy sea.

What is the real answer to this menacing problem?

At high tide today...a major breach of the spit...
High tide

The spit ....wiped out 60 metres +

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