Monday, 28 November 2016

A new tourist attraction maybe?

Following a recent rockfall at Groyne No 3 the 'Falls of Pagham' have emerged.....


 I will try and get better photographs when tide and sunlight interesting development!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

The first of the Autumn Storms.

Storm Angus hit Pagham Beach overnight...a very rough and very noisy night!

This is the sight which greeted us at first light....
Not a major problem but it indicated how strong the overnight winds had been.

Looking along the beach front it was clear to see that further erosion had occurred and the sand bags were not doing a lot of good! 

Walking towards the original harbour entrance  it was clear to see that the wave action had removed a couple of metres right the  way along from in front of the trackway.

This was taken last week

This was taken this morning!

This one was taken in May this year.....
We wait and in trepidation for Storm Barbara to hit us!

As a matter of interest the next two photos show how the harbour exit at groyne three has narrowed since last year....the main flow now being made through the breech.
The channel at low tide early one morning last week.

 Also last week, a day after the super was shrouded in cloud on the night!