Friday, 16 December 2016

Storm surge hits Pagham Beach

Apparently a surge was anticipated due to atmospheric activity in the Atlantic....and it comes following two weeks work by Arun District Council to replenish a long stretch of beach abutting properties along East and West Front Road and ironically I understand they are pulling out today!

There was very little wind this morning at 7.30am  and all appeared calm. However as the tide came in during the morning it was apparent that it was rising  somewhat quicker than usual. By noon it was over-topping the spit in places and by high tide much of the foreshore was awash. The sea was coming very close to the frontage of the yacht club and pouring into the street. No major damage was caused but a very high percentage of the two weeks re-shingling was negated.

 David, a local photographer, split seconds before being engulfed!
The memorial stone outside the Yacht Club....usually well clear of a high tide.

Just as well the work by ADC had been done....but what next?


At 4.00pm I took a wander along the beach towards the Little Lagoon and noted at least 15 foot of shingle had been washed away and these photos show just how far the tide had come up the trackway which only a few weeks ago had been shortened by the RSPB  following Storm Angus.

The scoured beach

The sea has never ever reached this spot before....certainly not in the last 31 years!

Monday, 5 December 2016

The shingle pushers are back!

Working early at low tide...before the sun was up.

...but it wasn't long before the sun emerged from behind a cloud on the horizon

Less than twelve hours later it was setting over the harbour...
Looking towards Sidlesham.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Sunrise on a cold, frosty morning.

Looking through the new entrance or the breach.


Beautiful but very cold!! Brrrrr!

A little later and a splendid Kingfisher on the revetment.....

In late afternoon a fox by the Little Lagoon...

Just look at those eyes1

...and finally, late sunshine on a Black Headed Gull just in front of the bungalows

An end to a perfect day!

Monday, 28 November 2016

A new tourist attraction maybe?

Following a recent rockfall at Groyne No 3 the 'Falls of Pagham' have emerged.....


 I will try and get better photographs when tide and sunlight interesting development!

Sunday, 20 November 2016

The first of the Autumn Storms.

Storm Angus hit Pagham Beach overnight...a very rough and very noisy night!

This is the sight which greeted us at first light....
Not a major problem but it indicated how strong the overnight winds had been.

Looking along the beach front it was clear to see that further erosion had occurred and the sand bags were not doing a lot of good! 

Walking towards the original harbour entrance  it was clear to see that the wave action had removed a couple of metres right the  way along from in front of the trackway.

This was taken last week

This was taken this morning!

This one was taken in May this year.....
We wait and in trepidation for Storm Barbara to hit us!

As a matter of interest the next two photos show how the harbour exit at groyne three has narrowed since last year....the main flow now being made through the breech.
The channel at low tide early one morning last week.

 Also last week, a day after the super was shrouded in cloud on the night!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

The Selsey Academy melt down...Sunday  August 21 ....from Pagham Spit.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Coastal surveyors

At low tide two quad bikes with GPS equipment arrived in the 'old' car park early this morning and set off at speed to the beach.

Is this interesting?
Who knows!

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Sunset before the storm

Last night as the sun set in the wild eastern sky....

...a strange rainbow appeared over the sea.
...very dramatic.

Its a pity I have not captured the thunder and lightening during the night.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Birds eye view...

Taken by my daughter, Jenny as she was flying over Pagham on Sunday morning....

Showing the new breach at low tide 
A more distant view.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

What a difference a few weeks make!

Since my previous blog on April 11 there  has been a dramatic change to the topography of the harbour entrance!

It is quite difficult to show by the photographs below how very different the beach 'feels'...however these images may give an impression of what it looks like at virtually low tide early this morning in brilliant sunshine.....

Basically the overtopping of the spit during Storm Katy has now resulted in a full scale breach and two channels are open at all states of the tide besides the original Groyne 4/3. This has resulted in much less pressure being put on the entrance which has been the subject of concern during the past couple of years. The new 'double' breach has helped the situation but it is not in quite the right place where it is planned to 'cut and block'...nevertheless it is a very interesting development!

The mound of shingle in front of the bungalows adjacent to groyne three remains.. block the view for a number of property owners.

The remains of Groyne 3 continues to blight the view.

Looking west from this point towards Groyne 4 and beyond gives an idea of the change to the fact this is still water with no flow at all at low tide.

It is not until well past the last bungalow on the beach do you appreciate the full extent of the new breach(s)
Then from the end of the second track-way the second breach comes into view and the flow through this has increased  considerably in the past few days.

This shows the second exit from the harbour which is quite a complex and ever changing scenario.
 Just a little further on, and this photo shows the present end of the Church Norton spit .

So a very changeable and unexpected situation which will be monitored closely and with considerable interest.

Incidentally the bird hide was removed has recently been vandalised and was again being used overnight.
All that remains ...a concrete slab!