Tuesday, 28 October 2014

More media attention.

The rocks continue to be shifted from the beach near the yacht club

 taken over the shingle ramps...
 to the fourth groyne...
 and placed in position.
BBC tv  covered this for their  midday and evening news.

In the evening broadcast Dr Simon Boxall of Southampton University said that sometimes we have to say 'enoughs enough' and let nature take its course. That comment was somewhat unsettling to say the least!

Lets hope the meeting due to take place in London  with the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) tomorrow to  discuss the erosion problems at Pagham will produce a plan for a permanent solution rather than saying 'enoughs enough'

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Rock on.....they've arrived!

A welcome sight early this morning...
Charlie Rock as it approaches the Mulberry in the early morning mist..

Getting closer
and closer
The problem in the foreground....the solution in the backgound?

The barge Afon Cefni and Charlie Rock off Pagham Yacht Club.
Off loading.


At the controls 

Job done...heading back to Boulogne past the Mulberry marker.

Friday, 24 October 2014

An early start...

I awoke to the rumbling of heavy machinery at 5.30am and could just see the lights of the JCB's working on the Spit.  I was out at 7.15 and there was just enough light to get a few shots..

 A little later the light improved and here is a view through the 'poor tree'
Work continues on maintaining the road bridge which cannot be maintained for very long and restricts the amount of time the vehicles have on the spit.
The bulldozer working hard to secure a bridge head.

Its not long before the last load is brougt onto the shore

 ...and work continues in creating a barricade before the next set of Spring Tides hit us.

None of this work solves the problem but does give some comfort for the time being.

 The next load of rocks is at last on its way, courtesy of the tug Afon Cefni travelling at 3.3knots and currently off the Kent coast near Rye (2.30pm) .
It could take a few more days to get here at that speed!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A stormy morning in the U.K.....Pagham Beach prepares for winter.

Whilst storms from the leftover Hurricane Gonzalo batter the north of England the sun shines on Pagham (from time to time! )
A walk along the beach at a little before 9.00am and the contractors are busy filling the geobags with shingle in readiness for winter.
A few shots against a stormy sky....

A few minutes after returning home the heavens opened!

Later in the afternoon the tide was sufficiently low for the JCB's to get to the spit and retrieve some of the now buried boulders which will be used to reinforce the beach protection. More pics below.....

Note the bulldozer in the background maintaining the road bridge before the tide turns.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Building a ramp first thing this morning caption
Machinery lying idle
The long awaited Geobags arrive.
....and now for some action....continue to watch this space!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Sunrise Special

What a start to the day....for the early riser. This was taken at 7.15 this morning but was gone within minutes!

The vehicles are on the beach again  pushing shingle about and trying to make a road bridge to the offshore bank at low tide...not much success by the look of it yet!
Directing operations!
Is he getting anywhere?

Lets try the bulldozer.

However there was an announcement yesterday that a request will be made on November 5th to the Full Council  to authorise a Supplementary Estimate of up to £250,000 to purchase additional rock, and to recharge the beach as necessary and also a request for a meeting with the Secretary of State to discuss funding for a long term solution.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

A week can make a big difference!

We have just returned from a week away and what a week it was here on the beach!
 Spring high tides.....more beach gone...residents worried sick! More so to the east of the breakwater than west.  The state of the beach is more akin to a builders yard than ever!
Rocks, shingle, bags, carpet rolls(!).....a mess!
A few photos to highlight the present situation.....

The poor (well dead ) tree!

The new small rocks placed when properties were yards away from being inundated.

The 'carpet' rolls !

At low tide looking at the new small rocks and bagged shingle in front of the properties

Shingle awaiting being bagged up.

Further action has been promised for this week!

 Watch this space.