Friday, 24 October 2014

An early start...

I awoke to the rumbling of heavy machinery at 5.30am and could just see the lights of the JCB's working on the Spit.  I was out at 7.15 and there was just enough light to get a few shots..

 A little later the light improved and here is a view through the 'poor tree'
Work continues on maintaining the road bridge which cannot be maintained for very long and restricts the amount of time the vehicles have on the spit.
The bulldozer working hard to secure a bridge head.

Its not long before the last load is brougt onto the shore

 ...and work continues in creating a barricade before the next set of Spring Tides hit us.

None of this work solves the problem but does give some comfort for the time being.

 The next load of rocks is at last on its way, courtesy of the tug Afon Cefni travelling at 3.3knots and currently off the Kent coast near Rye (2.30pm) .
It could take a few more days to get here at that speed!

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