Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Another storm coinciding with high spring tides

 The western end of Pagham Beach has changed dramatically during the past few weeks and the current high tides have created more dramatic changes. On Monday the  Church Norton spit was breached and the photos below show the break in the spit around high tide. It is hoped that with subsequent tides, the cut will become deeper and lead to a reduction on the effect of the strong tidal flow on 'our' side of the channel. Only time will tell.

Two distinct cuts of the Church Norton spit.

This shows one of the cuts of the Church Norton spit

This photo was taken a few weeks ago...

...but this is today...virtually unrecognisable

The Little Lagoon is now tidal and at high tide an island of dead gorse is surrounded by sea water...the cause of the damage!

The beach has lost a vast amount of shingle and the two trackways  have been shortened by dozens of metres.

Yet  more awaiting removal by the RSPB.

Taken on Sunday showing folk caught out by the tide on the spit in front of West Front Road properties.

This inquisitive seal is often present as it investigates the ever changing landscape!

Friday, 21 August 2020


Very high winds coinciding with a high spring tide has today created a new chapter in the sorry tale of the continuing erosion of Pagham Beach. Since last year it was inevitable that, given time, the Little Lagoon would be breached.  There have been plenty of warning signs but alas at high tide today the Little Lagoon has become part of the open sea! Unbelievable a few years ago, given the vast amount of beach to the south of this area but now just look at it.....................

It will never be the same again.

The sea at high tide

What next?

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

The day following Storm Ciara..

A few photos of the effect that Storm Ciara has had on the 'new' lagoon on properties backing West Front Road, Pagham.

The major result of the south west gale force winds has been the narrowing of the whole length of the lagoon.  It has now also been split into two sections with shingle being forced towards the rocks adjacent to the original fourth groyne.

The most eastern end with Four Winds top centre.
 The whole length of the protective shingle bank has been lowered and a layer of fine shingle has replaced the much larger pebbles as can be seen below.

Towards the harbour entrance the beach separating the sea with the Little Lagoon is also narrowing rapidly and this concrete post photographed a couple of days before the storm has now gone....

...and can now be seen at low tide in the old war defences!

Sixteen posts along the path have now been destroyed and the 'cliff edge' is now quite precipitous.

The photo(below) shows just how close the sea is to swamping the 'new' lagoon.

...and finally a few shots of the old breakwater adjacent to the entrance, which continues to break up.

...and now the forecasters are warning that this weekend sees the arrival of another 'named' storm...so here we go again 

                    .....  Enter Storm Dennis

Monday, 16 December 2019

Bomb alert on Pagham Beach today.

Whilst birding on the beach this morning I was stopped by police who requested I kept away, as an ordnance had been found and was going to be made safe. Within an hour 'bomb disposal' turned up and duly blew it up.
Missed the explosion but a few pics beforehand....

Rather them than me!
Closer inspection

Big bang at mid-day and it was all over....problem solved.