Monday 29 November 2021

November snow!

Quite a surprise to wake up to find a layer of snow on the beach this morning.

Here are a few shots resulting from my early morning walk...

Just before sunrise ....the many vapour trails from planes heading south to warmer climes!

The sun just coming up over the sea...

The old car park.

Pagham Spit.

Even the Heron looked cold!


Sunday 7 November 2021

Work complete....machinery off site.

I was very surprised to see a bulldozer creating a shingle wall to the eastern side of the new harbour cut  this morning. 


However job done the bulldozer trundled back to 'base' along the beach.

Another visit at high tide and an amazing sight. 
The effect of the high spring tide combined perhaps by the new cut had  created an almost unbelievable sight. 
Just take a look below....

The old Little Lagoon from the path
Looking towards harbour from near the apple tree.

Seepage to the left of path to the old hide. Never seen that before.

A keen birder!

The metal seawall protection under water along its entire length.

Looking towards Church Norton  !

The old Little Lagoon now enlarged, considerably!

As above.

The submerged protection metal seawall.

From the south side of  the 'old' Little Lagoon


Saturday 6 November 2021

The first daylight low tide.

What an amazing sight! An almost unrecognisable photo of the harbour entrance! The change from a couple of days ago was astounding. The photos below are just a record of the views this morning. 

....No water at all where its been uncrossable for years!

Its almost unbelievable what a weeks work can do!