Saturday, 11 January 2014

End of another week.

Well, here we are ...a brand new Blog all about Pagham Beach and, for the time being, all about the continuing saga of the beach erosion. My Paghambirder blog...  ... has been taken over by the  recent work on creating a revetment at the western end of the beach and I thought it appropriate to maintain that blog for its original purpose....bird sightings!
So here goes...a new blog, but basically a photographic record of 'happenings' on the beach and the immediate area.

At present the beach is being eroded at a rapid rate and the emphasis will be centred on photographs of the changing beach on a regular basis.

What a contrast to a week ago....sunny ,windless and peaceful.
Following a weeks work the platform/roadway to gain access to the base of the falling revetment still has a little more to go.
The rocks continue to fall into the deep channel every high tide and are becoming increasingly dangerous and yet access is still permitted. Suggest everyone keeps well away!!

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