Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Day After a Spring High Tide

At 7.15 this morning I ventured to the Yacht Club and wandered back along the beach. Not a cloud in the sky but alas, a devastated beach!
Pictures speak louder than words....
 Pagham Yacht Club in disarray

The scoured beach

The 'new' harbour entrance

A closer view
 High tide was at about 1.30pm so another wander!

The first groyne under attack...every wave wobbling and  loosening it.
The further erosion east of the fourth groyne
There are very few trees on the beach and this one will be gone quite soon.
A paddle boarder enjoying the waves.
Just checking!

Thank you A.D.C. I hope we don't need to use it!
A twitch! Birders trying to locate a rare gull...an Iceland Gull that has been present for a few days but is proving elusive.

The Iceland Gull on the Lagoon (on Sunday afternoon)

...but it  sometimes visits the spit and sometimes disappears for hours at a time!

I last saw one of these in Pagham about 20 years ago so quite unusual....probably storm driven.

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