Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Environment Agency Activity or Boys with Toys!

Shortly before 8.00am the car park was opened and the arrival of several cars sparked my interest!

A high tec boat had been unloaded and I was told a survey was going to take place using this remotely controlled vessel to take measurements of tidal flow etc in the channel.

A chap had previously been walking the entire length of the new spit complete with GPS on his back carrying out his own survey.

All the while( since before 7.00am ) the Digger, bulldozer and two trucks were building the road bridge (again) and making use of the short window of opportuniy to shift more shingle shorewards.

As high tide approached the remote control boat was put into service

It struggled against the incoming somewhat but survived!
Meanwhile, various bits of tecnology were used to monitor its performance...
...plus much discussion!

 Lets hope the effort results in positive action.

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