Thursday, 2 March 2017

Pagham Beach after Storm Doris and the following high tides.

Although Storm Doris was significant in terms of wind the beach did not suffer to any great extent.  Since then some high tides have, as always created some interesting changes to the scenery especially at the western end of the beach.
Yesterday was especially windy and at high tide the gap in the spit increased in width and depth and  the beach in front of the last few properties in West Front Road was further eroded.  For the past few months since the creation of the new lagoon  the tidal effect has not been noticeable but these past few days the break in the shingle has had greater significance due to a  far higher volume of water entering and departing and therefore  having an effect on  the landscape.
The photographs below were all taken today and hopefully demonstrates the changes.

Looking straight out  at 7.00  this morning at low tide
It is quite noticeable that the shingle bank has been overtopped and has pushed an enormous amount of shingle towards the 'inner'shore line.

This shot shows the extent of this shingle being pushed towards the bungalows.

Another shot taken looking back at the bungalows.

This is taken from the lowest part of the gulley looking towards the bungalows in direct' line of fire'.

Looking towards the 'old' harbour entrance the beach has been scraped clean!
It can be seen here how the high tide is again 'eating' at the beach by the tracks from the old car park.

A huge amount of shingle has now been deposited at the entrance to the harbour and the distance at low tide has been reduced considerably and the metal work almost totally been buried.

The following photos were taken later in the day at high tide.....

Compare with the first photo in this blog.

Yesterday however almost the entire part of this lower spit was under water but today the wind changed direction to an 'off shore'.

Taken from the western end of the new lagoon at high tide 

Just for interest a few pictures looking towards Bognor at high tide taken from the west end of the newly formed closure of the 'new' lagoon.

So every day brings a change of some description!!

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