Sunday, 28 May 2017

Further erosion

The high Spring tides this past week have caused several metres of beach to be swallowed up between the bungalows and the 'old' harbour entrance. Almost all the Sea Kale has now been washed away and the resulting 'cliff face' has become very dangerous especially as the high tide approaches when there is an enormous volume of water scouring the 'cliff' and taking the shingle with it. Keep well away !

Here are few photos taken this morning at low tide.........

Looking towards the Church Norton spit showing how the tide is scouring the spit very close to where the proposed 'cut' is to be and in the foreground one of the last remaining new shoots of Sea Kale about to go over the edge.

This photo was taken on Saturday morning showing the barrier at the end of the track to indicate the danger immediately ahead

Taken from the same position this morning ...barrier gone in the night....

Below...the walkway now hanging over the edge, which at high tide could prove hazardous. 

Another view of the scouring on the opposite bank with the presumed WW2 defences in the foreground which have recently been exposed.

Much of the Valerian is fast disappearing over the edge!

A panoramic shot of the entrance

A closer shot showing the huge build up of shingle and the narrow waterway into the harbour.

Also a big build up of sand/sediment by the 'wall'.

But, a nice find...wild honeysuckle by the base of the old hide.

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