Tuesday, 3 January 2017

New Year.....Pagham beach update

The area between the rock revetment and the new breach is fast becoming what appears to be a lagoon. 

This panoramic shot taken at noon this morning is looking from the eastern end towards the revetment. Note how the spit is curling round and is now almost touching the beach

This photo shows the gap between the spit and the beach as the tide comes in.

This shows the build up of shingle on the beach which is helping to close the gap!

At the other end....the eastern end of the 'lagoon'....the gap is even narrower and at low tide it is now possible to walk to and  from the spit. The photos below (taken just before low tide) show how narrow this end has become and how shingle build up is also changing the flow.
The shingle build up at the 'revetment'end.

Shingle detail.

Showing how the shingle is narrowing the outflow.

A wider view ....at low tide passable just near the second block of rocks.

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