Saturday, 4 February 2017

Its all change!

Since my last blog there have been some dramatic changes to the beach profile. All the photographs this week show what has been happening but most impressive of all is that the west end of the broken spit has merged with the beach and resulted in what is virtually a lagoon at low tide. This enables access to the spit at any time during  periods of neap tides. As the tide recedes it is now possible to cross to the spit at the western end and walk along the length of the spit and off at the eastern end (groyne three.)  The eastern end of the new lagoon changes in appearance daily and a few photos here show the various changes over this wee

Early in the week these rocks 'appeared'

 This resulted in the outflowing tide to cut into the beach

 A few days later the rocks had 'disappeared' again having been covered with shingle.

 This morning the erosion to the beach was even more noticeable .

 This afternoon at low tide there was no outflow and crossing over was no problem

This shows the extent of the build up of shingle at the eastern end.

Taken from the spit at low tide showing that the newly formed lagoon held water ...a couple of weeks ago this would have almost emptied leaving just mud and shingle.

 This final photo shows how the spit has joined up with the beach.

 However on the big tides the sea is now washing over the lower part of the spit at its western end and  this could mean further changes in the next few weeks especially if we have any major storms.
As ever, watch this space!

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