Thursday, 13 February 2014

After the stormy day yesterday the weather improved dramatically and the sun shone for the beach work to continue during the afternoons low tide.

The No. 3 groyne was soon after attack ............

Hazardous work.
...with more rocks taken off the end

...for the dumper to take along the beach

 ...and when the tide drops sufficiently it's back to the No.1 groyne to gather more rocks

A secondary spit can be seen forming behind this first groyne as the rocks are collected.
View taken from the western end of the revetment looking towards the yacht club.
This is how it used to look..... December 2004!

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  1. Visited for the last 2 yrs, in October. Love the beach there. We noticed the erosion last October and wondered how things would look on our visit this October. Judging by the photographs things are going to look very different!!