Thursday, 20 February 2014

An important visit!

At 7.30 a couple of quad bikes sprouting GPS equipment raced past our bungalow, briefly stopped and then made off down the beach....

A quick survey
 At 8.00 the JCB was back and  was gingerly placing small boulders strategically on the new rock groyne.

...under expert guidance.

...and now we await the arrival of Mr Eric Pickles Minister of State for
Communities and Local Government..............with baited breath!!

On a very wet unpleasant morning Mr Pickles arrives in the company of local M.P., Nick  Gibb

It wasn't too long after a short briefing...

...that the press descended on him!
He listened intently to several of the residents and responded sympathetically. I am sure a report will be available in the press and on Tv and on the Save Pagham Beach Facebook so I will not elaborate here!

Returning along the beach in bright sunshine it was apparent that rocks and shingle had been used to protect another wooden groyne nearer the yacht club.
...and so it goes on, but I understand all the work on the beach finishes tomorrow.

Next big Spring tide due end of next this space!

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