Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Contractors are back!

A welcome sight!...at 7.55 this morning!

There first impressions...where's it gone?

Awaiting instructions

Yesterdays tides ripped all but the last five panels away...this all that's left now.
...toppling the shingle bags

 But where do they start?

 More news later as and when they  know more.

 Update Mid Day

Contractors have placed the emergency yellow shingle bags to prop up remaining groyne and a few have been deposited at western end of revetment in attempt to prevent further erosion creeping behind the rocks.
Viewed from the east side.

Centre view
View from the western side

..and a few at the extreme western end.
The chunk of groyne that was demolished yesterday has been hauled out....

...but the erosion continues further westwards of the revetment....very worrying.

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